Make sure that the customer will come back!

Customer service training

Good customer experience is often a decisive competitive factor. All of your competitors have probably good products too, so it’s the customer experience that makes the difference.

Customer service training is a good way to improve the customer experience. It gives the attendees the tools for offering a superb service experience to the customer; It’s also a great way of acquainting the new employees to work and a good forum to share best customer service practices.

Customer Service Training, learning goals:

How to improve the customers experience of the service?

How to build rapport with the customer?

How to identify and deal with different customer types

How does the customer service support sales?

How to deal with a dissatisfied customer in a constructive way?

How to use your voice in the telephone?

What helps the customer service people to feel better at work?

Customer service training sessions consist of lecture parts, cooperative learning activities and discussions. The trainers will be giving drama demonstrations of some of the central topics. At the training, the attendees receive a “Good Customer Service Checklist” and after the sessions a memo of the best practices that were discovered. It will help the users adopt the techniques covered, and integrate them in every day practice.

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