Affect your audience!

Presentation training

Persuasive presenting is of crucial importance, when you want to make a real impact on your audience. Whether it’s a presentation for your customers, colleagues or your team; a clear and persuasive way of presenting is going to get you far.

At the Presentation training:

You learn to define the aims for your presentation, and find the right means of making an impact on the audience

You get tailored help for tuning your own presentation slides

You get personal feedback on your strengths and things to improve as a presenter

You train the delivery and gain confidence as a presenter

Presentation training consists of the following optional modules:

Prior to the sessions the attendees do a brief pre-work covering their goals and challenges as communicators

Delivering your presentation: Non -verbal communication: engaging the audience, Finding one’s own verbal credibility and vocal variety. (Demos and examples by the trainer, simple exercises)

Presentation exercises and feedback on one’s strengths and things to improve

Communication in a remote team: choosing the right channels; when to meet face to face? How to utilise the online communication channels productively? (Examples, discussion)

Visuals aids clinic: tuning your own slides

Practising your sample presentation and getting instant feedback on one’s strengths and things to develop. The presentations can be recorded on a video to be watched at one’s convenience.

Preparing your presentation: Analysing the audience, compiling the message, finding convincing arguments, supporting your message with examples and stories, using visual aids. (Examples, learning activity, discussion)

Activating the audience: Supporting interaction, dealing with conflicting opinions and complaints. (Examples, learning activity)

Principles of slide design. Tips and examples of powerful slides as well as pitfalls.

Communicating in a distance meeting: What should I consider when taking part in a video meeting?

Communication skills warm up (Exercise to get us going for the sample presentations)

After the sessions the attendees get personal, written feedback about their strengths and things to improve as presenters, together with a link to the recording of their sample presentation.

The training consists of useful information about presenting, examples and exercises.

In the workshop, everyone is allowed to be oneself. And although we work result oriented, it doesn’t have to be all that serious!

Presentation training period lasts typically 1-3 work days.

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