Improve the productivity and the well-being of your team!

Team Training

The success of an organisation depends on the quality of the team work. Team work will also effect the wellbeing at the work place. Bad team work leads to conflicts and bad results, as well as worsens the wellbeing at the workplace. Investing in team work pays of!

The learning goals of Team Training:

Principles of effective team work

Techniques of giving and receiving feedback

Learning to resolve conflicts in a constructive way

Clarifying the roles and accountabilities of one’s own team

Finding ways to integrate into everyday practice topics covered in the training

Team training sessions consist of lecture parts, cooperative learning activities and discussions. The trainers give drama-like demonstrations of some of the central topics. During the training, the attendees receive a “Good Team Work Checklist”, summarizing the main points covered. After the training, a memo of the best newly discovered practices is distributed to the participants. It will help the them to adopt the techniques covered, and integrate them into every day practice.
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